GUE Diver Propulsion Vehicle

GUE Diver Propulsion Vehicle: Level 1
“The most fun you can have underwater”

The GUE DPV 1 course (Diver Propulsion Vehicle - or scooter) provides an introduction to the safe and efficient use of scooters as an aid to extending your range, time and diving opportunities. As well as providing a thorough grounding in GUE techniques for scooter diving, this class is also enormous fun and will open up a whole new world of dive sites beyond the ones you normally get to see. Scooters are an invaluable tool for technical diving (caves and mixed gas) but they are also great within the recreational realm, allowing you to travel 3 to 4 times normal swimming speed, whilst conserving your gas supplies. I can promise you this - you will love this class!

This course is conducted over 3 days with an emphasis on inwater skills. You will be shown how to balance and trim your scooter, different turning techniques, taught how to park your scooter when not in use and deal with malfunctions. You will also be shown how to tow other team members and how to successfully plan and execute dives using a scooter. The course also includes a section on maintenance and trouble-shooting and how to keep your scooter in good working condition. Your Instructor Jamie Obern is New Zealand’s only GUE instructor and has been teaching GUE classes since 2009. He has been involved with GUE since 2005 and is a passionate advocate for GUE in New Zealand. As well as running GUE classes Jamie is also actively involved in GUE projects, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Pre-requisites: GUE Fundamentals (Rec Pass), or GUE Rec 1
Duration: 3 days
No. of dives: 5 open water dives
Equipment required: Standard GUE equipment configuration, please contact us for details.
Qualification limits: 30m, no decompression, no overhead environments.
Cost: $600 or $700 incl. scooter