GUE Gas Blender

GUE Gas Blender Course
“The essential tools of the trade”

The GUE Gas Blender course is designed to introduce students to the essential skills required for blending diving gasses. Training includes the theory of gas blending as well as practical skills required for blending gas. The course is focused on instilling the correct procedures and practises for safe and efficient gas blending and is normally conducted during a one-day workshop. All of the equipment required to conduct this class will be provided by your instructor.

Course contents

  • Gas properties and physics

  • Oxygen risk

  • Blending systems

  • Partial pressure blending

  • Continuous flow blending

  • Blending formulas and software

  • Standard gases

  • Cascading and gas boosters

  • Gas analysis and marking


Students are required to demonstrate proficiency with gas blending calculations, including remixes and to perform safe and accurate practical gas blending.

Pre-requisites: Non-smoker
Duration: 1 day
Equipment required: All the equipment required for this class will be provided by your instructor.
Qualification limits: Nitrox and trimix blending. No O2 servicing/cleaning.
Cost: $200