GUE Documentation 

GUE Documentation Diver
“Your passport to GUE projects”

The GUE Documentation Diver course is designed to introduce divers to sound documentation techniques in order to support project-based diving. It will soon become a required course for any divers seeking to join GUE projects around the world. Conducted over a very intense 4 day period, the class covers both theory and practical applications and introduces students to the project management, basic photography/videography concepts, how to create project reports, how to map and survey and how to prepare material for media publication.

The GUE Documentation Diver class introduces divers to a very wide range of skills: underwater photography/ videography - including how to provide lighting support and how to model successfully; underwater survey and mapping techniques; team protocols for successful team cooperation underwater.

Pre-requisites: GUE Fundamentals (Rec Pass), or GUE Rec 1
Duration: 4 days
No. of dives: 6 open water dives
Equipment required: Standard GUE equipment configuration, please contact us for details.
Qualification limits: 30m, no decompression, no overhead environments.
Cost: $1,000