Technical Diving Courses


As a professional education provider we believe in some core principles and methods to support your development. We teach primarily under the organisation Global Underwater Explorers and pair this will the highest standards of equipment and training to deliver you the best possible service.


Global Underwater Explorers began with a group of divers whose love of underwater exploration grew naturally into a desire to protect those environments. Education, Conservation and Exploration are the core pillars of this organisation.

Our courses are grouped in to two categories: Essential Courses and Decompression Courses.



GUE Fundamentals 

The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to cultivate the essential techniques required for sound diving practices, irrespective of level or environment. It will help both the recreational diver to advance his or her basic diving skills and the more experienced diver to prepare for more technical dives. GUE Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for all GUE cave and technical diving courses.

GUE Recreational Diver

The GUE Recreational Diver Level 1 course is designed to develop the essential skills required for all sound diving practice. It helps the non-diver cultivate a platform that supports comfort, confidence, and competence in the water, as well as more advanced training in the future.

GUE Diver Propulsion Vehicle

The GUE DPV Diver level 1 course provides an introduction to the safe and efficient use of scooters as an aid to extending your range, time and diving opportunities. As well as providing a thorough grounding in GUE techniques for scooter diving this class is also enormous fun and will open up a whole new world of dive sites beyond the ones you normally get to see.

GUE Primers

GUE offer primer calsses to help a well skilled Fundamentals graduate or Rec 1 diver access more advanced equipment and techniques. GUE Drysuit & GUE Doubles primer advances divers and prepare them for further challenges.

GUE Gas Blender

The GUE Gas Blender course is designed to introduce students to the essential skills required for blending diving gasses. Training includes the theory of gas blending as well as practical skills required for blending gas.

GUE Documentation Diver

The GUE Documentation Diver course provides an introduction to the broad range of skills required to successfully join GUE projects: project planning and management, u/w survey, photography and videography, project reporting.



GUE Recreational Diver Level 3

The GUE Recreational Diver Level 3 course is a mastery level recreational class structured to prepare divers for deeper recreational diving using proper equipment, diving techniques and breathing mixtures. In this class, students will be introduced to the theory and practice of limited decompression, the use of trimix as a breathing gas and trained in correct ascent procedures.

GUE Technical Diver 1

The GUE Tech 1 course is normally conducted over a very intense 6 day period. Combining lectures and practical (in water) sessions, this course is designed to introduce students to GUE technical diving concepts and build competence in important areas such as gas switching and ascent management. The course starts in shallow water and concludes with three experience dives in the 40–50m range.

GUE Technical Diver 2

GUE’s Technical Diver 2 course is designed to enhance deep diving proficiency while using helium breathing gasses and oxygen-enriched decompression gasses. Other course outcomes include: the use of multiple stages; the use of Trimix with greater percentages of helium; gas management; oxygen management; extended decompression; accelerated, omitted and general decompression strategies; dive planning; and management of multiple cylinders.